Seven Savvy Travel Tips

Posted on May 28 2016

Lani Soul Boutique Seven Savvy Travel Tips Blog

1. Go "carry-on" or go home! Pack light to avoid the unnecessary long line at check-in, while also dodging the unpredictable waiting game / mass hysteria of baggage claim. If traveling for an extended stay period and checking baggage is unavoidable, may we suggest the DynoTag ($14.95), just one of many GPS/web Smart luggage tags now on the market. 

2. Be informed and prepared- 3.4 oz. is the maximum liquid allowed on board, so remember to check all carry-on items, PRIOR to a meet-and-greet with security check point. Ps if somehow your bag is asked to pull double duty on the TSA conveyor, be prepared as you will likely be faced with a Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect That $200 Face Lotion showdown.   

3. Pre-che-che-check yo self, before you wreck yo self ;) Long gone are the days of standing in exasperating ticket lines dragging your luggage down a corral of narrowly winding ropes. Flying is now made easy, compliments of digital boarding passes. Whether via email or mobile upload, scanning your way through destinations is a time saving must! 

4. The early bird gets the worm, or should I say- the flight! TSA is no laughing matter and neither is running to your gate, arms flailing and screaming at the top of your lungs, "hold the plane... Wait, hold - the - plane." #beentheredonethat =) With summer right around the corner, an influx of travelers is inevitable. Do yourself a Big Fat Favor and plan accordingly. 

5. In the case of Sweater vs Recycled Blanket, the jury finds the defendant guilty of, unlawful over use by unidentified number of previous travellers. Cabin temperature varies, so regardless of your final destination, carrying a cozy sweater is always highly recommended. Side note- red eye routes, require red eye coverage. Be sure to keep sunglasses close at hand for those rude awakening, overhead-light, good morning landings.

6. To Uber Or Not To Uber?! If you're under 25, that is Not the question. Although rental car age requirements may have put a damper on transportation for traveling millenials in the past, a new modus operandi comes to the rescue, in the form of one word, "Uber." Let's be honest, "Uber" is becoming the fastest growing means of transport for any age, with its speedy pick-ups, convenient app friendly payment processing and overall cool factor. Our answer is a resounding, YES PLEASE!

7. Charge-Up for Take-Off! With in-flight Wifi now being offered on most flights, charging all devices prior to departure is not only wise, but can make or break your on board experience. Carrying a small 2200 battery pack may also be an investment that pays dividends, especially when faced with that blaring "LOW BATTERY warning message." Tech Tip: upload iBooks and iTunes playlist prior to departure to avoid unnecessarily draining your battery.


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