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Posted on April 27 2016

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Since the beginning of time, listening and storytelling has been a way of sharing our most private thoughts and sacred sensibilities. Campfires may have transformed into social networks and immediate family may have been extended to worldwide connections, but the source of what binds the individual experience to a collective understanding, is and always will be the very act of sharing. 

It is our relative nature to seek out others, and the essence of our human conditioning to find a commonality to the evident inherent differences we are each born with. Whether culturally, religiously, economically and so on; accepting one another continues to unify our hearts and minds in ways unimaginable. With empathy and humility, we are able to rise above separateness to engage with authenticity. In doing so, we create a shift of the singular perspective to include a reality that embraces alternate truths, without negating our own. 

In such a paradigm, pro and anti exist in cohesive respect of one another. Rather than excluding the point of view opposite our own, we encourage those around us to find their voice, with the knowledge that it in no way diminishes our core beliefs. We learn that tolerance and acceptance does not equate to sameness, but rather is the pathway of love. When we acknowledge the journey of another, we honor our own, and in doing so pave the way to peace with kindness and thoughtfulness as building blocks. 

It isn't important to think alike, rather to think for ourselves. To not allow propaganda to snuff our internal spark. To fan the flames of knowledge with new ideas and fresh perspectives. As poet John Donne once wrote, "No man is an island..." The essence of human curiosity is rooted in dialogue. Expressing our thoughts and feelings is food for the soul. Open communication nourishes the spirit and brings joy to the heart. It is the light that shines through us, the love that surrounds us, and the magic that is in each of us to create.

You can always sit with us...


Lani Soul


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