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Posted on September 27 2015

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Since 2002 Gisele Bundchen has ranked #1 on Forbes list as "The World's Highest-Paid Model" earning $44 million from June 2014 - June 2015, with a record breaking career and counting $430 million, making her a billionaire nearly twice over in her home country of Brazil; achieving $35 million more than the #2 ranked (23 year old) Cara Delevingne and about $17 million more than her NFL Quarterback husband Tom Brady. ( At 35 years old, Gisele's genetic lottery win combined with her diversified popularity portfolio, has catapulted the Brazilian beauty (over the past two decades, since her discovery in a San Paulo mall) not only to top model status, but also to the likes of respected and revered business woman, creating a bonafide brand behind her blonde bombshell personae.

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To commemorate Bundchen's 20 year's of modeling prowess (with over 1,000 magazine covers, countless ad campaigns, and a multitude of runway shows) Gisele has compiled a 536 page book of over 300 images by famed photographers, including inserts from fashion legendaries, as well as by her closest friends and family, eponymously titled, "Gisele." If you're lucky enough to receive one of the 1,000 English Collector's Edition coffee table size books- signed by Bundchen, it'll cost you... $700 dollars to be exact; all for a good cause of course, since all proceeds will be donated to charity. Nevertheless, the high figure will seemingly bestow possession of a prized illustrated iconic compilation, celebrating the world's most highly paid and pulchritudinous model to have ever graced the fashion world. (hashtag, yes please!)

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