Comedy Under Fire?

Posted on September 10 2015

Nicole Arbour, a self proclaimed comedian set the internet on rapid fire over the weekend via a vulgar pyrotechnic like display of crass speech and chaotic spectacle, unleashing a wrath of aggressive allegations against a population of overweight victims as her "Dear Fat People" YouTube video went vehemently viral; receiving over 27 million views and counting. Although the backlash concerning her flagrant attack targeting obese people aka 'Fat Shaming' has been fiercely critical, Arbour refuses to apologize for her obstreperous rant, claiming satire with none other than a follow up video namely, "Most Offensive Video EVER" in which she attempts to defend herself by making more offensive "jokes" about other minority groups (including African Americans and Little People). [embed][/embed] The real question is... Who's winning and who's losing in the worldwide web war of words? Has the overwhelming scrutiny Arbour's garnished in her obvious attention seeking ploy for fame given her exactly what she strategically set out to gain? Sure, her "Dear Fat People" video may have been vetoed from YouTube for a few days while the 'powers at be' battled between censorship and freedom of speech contingencies, but in the end Arbour's voracious video was reinstated with catapulted distain marked by devious curiosity. [embed][/embed] Granted, she was recently cut from a movie roll in an upcoming teen dance movie (in which its Director, Pat Mills spoke publicly of never wanting to see her face again via while seemingly being unfollowed by naysayers on her once growing social media audience (fueling an anti-bullying rage against the Arbour machine act), but in the end hasn't "Team Nicole" achieved exactly what she set out to accomplish? Truth is, whether you or I agree with the means of which Arbour has cultivated a dialogue around her obvious blatant disregard for obesity as a public health issue, Nicole Arbour has bought herself 15 minutes of fame (albeit without regard for human kindness or an ounce of humility for that matter) which sadly appears to be more a direct reflection of our current culture than of one woman's calculated comedic prowess. [embed][/embed] Whether or not Nicole Arbour simply intended to stir the pot or truly believes the laundry list of stereotypes spewed from her lips- words have power! Moving forward, I hope this moment serves as a lesson for each of us; that we may learn to be more cognizant of the casualties we leave in our path when ego supersedes authenticity and that we may fortuitously lend our voices to advocate compassionately toward tolerance with the universal understanding that in the end- we're all just doing the best we can.

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