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Posted on August 26 2015

Queen B continues her regal reign of cultivated beauty and glorified glamour as she graces the cover of Vogue's most prestigious September issue. However, in doing so, she has unwittingly spurred an uproar of media controversy, sparking widespread public speculation; questioning everything from her mental health (fueled by last year's viral video) to a Fort Knox lockdown containment of her 'Sasha Fierce' alter ego image. Beyonce's refusal to grant an interview (a rarity for Vogue) to accompany her spread as the third black woman in Vogue history to covet the exclusive September cover (behind Naomi Campbell and Halle Berry) has seemingly become a powerhouse modus operandi for the singing starlet, who has not permitted an interview in nearly two years. "The magazine’s photo shoot with her is accompanied instead by a short essay on her star quality by Margo Jefferson, who won a Pulitzer for criticism while at The New York Times. "It was definitely posed to me as … call it a think piece if you want," said Ms. Jefferson, reached by phone. “I had no contact with her camp.” (

In an era of pervasive social media consumption and fanatical fame fodder, Beyonce has opted for a more reclusive roll as the anti-Kardashian if you will. Although her Instagram following nonetheless rivals selfie queen Kim K, Queen B takes a more self preserving approach to social networking; posting pics- usually with no caption or comment, and carefully if not cautiously executed through a veil of repose. Who knows when the secret code of Beyonce will be broken or in this case spoken, but who can really blame her. The reality is, we live in a world where words are often twisted, manipulated, and regurgitated as if it were truth epitomized; turning the art of transparency into a voracious conspiracy. Whether her silence is health related or simply a conscious decision to take a hiatus from the public's probing eye, we all have a right to conduct our personal lives in private, and Beyonce is obviously executing hers.  


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