Stella McCartney: From Rock Royalty to Fashion Sustainability

Posted on August 20 2015

Stella McCartney may have been born to rock royalty, but her ability to orchestrate a worldwide fashion brand, built on the notes of sustainability, has charted the design maestro a couture acclaim seemingly as beloved as her famous Beatles father. Stella was first exposed to the fashion scene at the sweet age of 16 via a Christian Lacroix internship, which she followed with a degree from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication before graduating Central Saint Martins College in 1995. Sure, being a member of Paul McCartney's offspring undoubtedly has its privileges; like that one time for example when Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss modeled Stella's graduation collection, inevitably landing McCartney's fresh face on the front page of UK news, spreading like wild fire throughout the fashion worlds "Who's Who" (hashtag- I get by with a little help from my friends), but let's be real, Stella McCartney wouldn't be the renowned revenue roaring brand that she is if it weren't for her strong sense of self and savvy style skills, the latter of which she attributes to her time well spent at London's Saville Row Taylor. "The period remains a significant influence in her work to this day, which regularly references and uses tailoring techniques in its construction." ( Long story short... the girl's not just a famous last name! Fast forward two decades, and McCartney has not only established herself as a top designer, but has managed to do so with her values in check and integrity in tack. In a world of high fashion, where fur, leather, skins, and feathers run as rampant as they do in the Amazon Jungle, McCartney has managed to lead an ethical eponymous fashion house on a new and lovingly improved humane trail. With use of creative material solutions and innovative design concepts, Stella McCartney is reinventing the way women experience luxury, while seemingly carving a place in fashion history that is sure to be as legendary as her reverent rocker father. 

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