Holy Lollapalooza Batman!

Posted on August 02 2015

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Grant Park, Chicago Lollapalooza aka Lolla was inspired as a farewell tour by Jane's Addiction front man Perry Farrell in the summer of '91, but has since manifested into a music festival heavy weight, contending with the likes of Coachella, and Burning Man, amongst others. Consisting of an eclectic genre of musical talents from punk rock to hip hop to EDM artists, Lollapalooza took a forced five year hiatus due to a lack of ticket sales, before it was resurrected by popular demand in 2003. Since its resurgence, thanks to a few tweaks in venue, dates, and line up, Lollapalooza has retained a loyal cult following with a profit margin to match.

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DJ Snake This year's line up consists of everyone from Paul McCartney to Sam Smith to Metallica to DJ Snake. That's eclectic with a capital "E!" And, if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket, you most likely shelled out anywhere from $400 bucks for a one day pass and $1k+ for a weekend rendezvous... All in the name of dialectic debauchery! No doubt, well worth every dollar, the mega watt hang over to come, and the week long ringing ear syndrome to boot, but hey, just mere minor details in the epic musical memories of one helluva 'Holy Lollapalooza Batman' adventure. Screenshot 2015-08-02 04.04.07 Paul McCartney

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