Posted on July 29 2015

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My "Woman Crush Wednesday" goes out to the dynamic and fiercely driven Jessica Alba. Not only is she wife to Cash Warren, mother to daughters Honor & Haven, a successful actress with multiple box office hits and awards to boot, but she has also recently been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of "America's Richest Self Made Women." Acquiring a $200 Million dollar fortune and building a $1 Billion dollar company in a record breaking three years, Alba is just getting started! How did she accomplish such a feet you may be wondering? Well, as the old saying goes, "necessity is the mother of all invention."

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In 2008, while Alba was pregnant with first daughter Honor she received a host of onesies from her baby shower, in which she was advised by her mother to prewash with baby detergent. Unfortunately due to a predisposition to allergies Jessica broke out in hives, in which case she immediately took to the worldwide web in search of products she could use that were safe for she and the baby. In fear of passing along her experiences as a sensitive child to her unborn, Alba became alarmed once she realized the market for natural and eco friendly products were grossly non existent. It's at this point she decided to take matters into her own hand, and what began as a pregnant mother's need for a safe and affordable solution to her allergic reaction blossomed into a thriving business... Namely, "The Honest Company." With 120 products and growing at a rapid pace from 10 million in revenue during their first year (2012) to 150 million last year, Alba has found a niche selling peace of mind to parents who like her value family and safety over everything. Yes, she may be beautiful and talented and business savvy, but above all she's a mother and wife who is driven by the happiness and well being of her family! It's onward and upward for Alba and The Honest Company and I can't wait to see what glass ceiling she breaks next!

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