What sets Your soul on fire?

Posted on July 24 2015

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I absolutely love this saying by the way, but I think the real question here is... What sets Your soul on fire? And how would one embark on discovering such a phenomenon? For some it's marriage and children, which I wholeheartedly applaud! For others, it's success in business or competitive sport or maybe it's as simple as fitting in a successful cup of coffee before conquering yesterday's to-do list. Then there are those who have relinquished all material possessions in search of spiritual enlightenment (hastag, namaste). Also, you may know a few adventure seekers whom travel the world working odd jobs, waking up on a different beach, in a remote forests, or next to an off the beaten path waterfall each day while filling their gypsy souls with the spirit of mother nature and the breath of fresh air (hashtag, van life). Still, there are some who have yet to find what seemingly sets their soul on fire and are simply in search of a reprieve from a sense of restlessness that underlies their desire to wander (hashtag, not all who wander are lost). Or maybe, what sets our soul's on fire inexhaustibly changes as we change, which then becomes the true nature and beauty of its pursuit. Perhaps, the real discovery as cliche as it may sound is very much in the journey of this great big, yet very short life we have. To experience as much of it as we can in the little time we're given. To join in on the dance that oscillates between 'letting life happen' and 'making life happen,' and not to be too hard on ourselves when one takes the lead longer than we're comfortable with. Besides, comfort is overrated (or so they say). Right?! Anyways, be comfortable if that's what sets your soul on fire or not, but whatever you choose, whenever you choose it... be fearless in its pursuit!

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