Countdown To Burning Man!

Posted on July 18 2015

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Today officially marks the 50 day countdown to an annual event of epic proportions, in which tens of thousands of people from all across the globe will congregate in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to celebrate music, art, and cultural relativity. For eight days a community of virtual strangers will unite under a common allegiance of self expression and self reliance to create an ephemeral society. Art installations will be erected throughout the newly created Black Rock City including the ceremonious burning of a 40' iconic man figure marking the commencement of a week long experience unlike any other. Then poof! Magically as if appearing out of thin air a metropolis of like minded individuals will rise together to create a festival beyond one's imagination. It's as if for a brief moment in time fantasy and artistry merge and embark on a path that is truly extraordinary and otherworldly, where inhibitions become non existent, acceptance embraced as the ruling authority, and eleutheromania alas within reach.

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Even the fashion is fascinating! You're likely to observe everything from mythical creature costumes like unicorns to flocks of patrons in feathered ensembles from head to toe. However, if your intentions are to spend $800 on an entrance ticket, rent an RV for the week, then sit back and enjoy the show- I'm sorry to inform you, but this is not the festival for you. Burning Man participants are not passive attendees, but active members and co-creators of a cultural phenomenon. Everything from the art to the performances to the camps and surrounding city itself is built by the hands of each visitor. Burning Man manifests a unique and rare experience, in which a shared philosophy (outlined in the '10 Principles' written by co-founder Larry Harvey) is not only obliged, but embraced as a way of life. So, if you're looking to engage in radical inclusion, self reliance, self expression, and communal effort... Burning Man is likely your jam!

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