Serendipitous Selfie... A Modern Day Rags To Riches!

Posted on July 14 2015

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Just four days ago I wrote a blog called, "Fashion's It Girls... A New Era of Supermodels, Superfamilies, Superfriends, and Superstardom!" regarding three of the industries highly revered not to mention highly paid models. The blog touched upon how their celebrity status upbringing aka six degrees of (famous) separation and silver spoon lifestyles likely aided in their current status as fashion icon's in what Vogue dubbed as "the Instagirl era." I also made a comparison to the Supermodels of the last four decades and the distinct differences between both worlds, namely the way in which models were once discovered... plucked out of obscurity and transplanted into the lap of luxury couture, which I pointed out was a vast contrast to the 'It Girl's' mentioned. Well, this morning I woke to an online article in the Washington Post that was truly reminiscent of the Supermodels of old with a likeness that had long since eluded the current couture culture. To this I say, Hallelujah! Not to take anything away from the models whom my previous blog was written, but let's be real... Who doesn't like a good old fashion rags to riches story. In which case- sorry not sorry, but move over Kendall, Gigi, and Karlie 'cause there's a new 'It girl' in fashion town! 14 year old Israeli, Sofia Mechetner grew up in a small poverty stricken town outside of Tel Aviv with her two younger siblings whom she shared a room with (sleeping on a broken bed), raised by a single mother who worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. Story is, after being asked if she modeled several times the young girl decided to inquire on the possibility of a career in the fashion industry by means of a local agency in Tel Aviv who then took interest and forwarded her images to a Paris agency. Unfortunately, despite Mechetner's invitation to meet with the Paris agency, her eiffel tower dreams were shut down after arriving and being told that the agency had decided she was too young. But fate it seemed had a different plan for Sofia, one in which included a serendipitous selfie with Raf Simons aka Dior's chief designer at Dior's shop in central Paris. Long story short, Mechetner went on to sign a $265,000 contract as the new face of Christian Dior and walked her first EVER runway as the leading model for Simons Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 fashion show. It's safe to say that the 5 foot 11 blondy with striking baby blues who's been dubbed the new Claudia Schiffer will have no problem acquiring more suitable sleeping arrangements in her near future. Apparently the old adage, "When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random" couldn't ring more true for Sofia and this modern day rags to riches story.

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