Love Notes

  • Seven Savvy Travel Tips

    Posted on May 28 2016

    1. Go "carry-on" or go home! Pack light to avoid the unnecessary long line at check-in, while also dodging the unpredictable waiting game / mass hysteria of baggage claim. If...

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  • Sizzle Into Summer

    Posted on May 19 2016

    Refresh your show stopper style with a few signature pieces and reinvent your wanderlust wardrobe just in time to sizzle into summer. Come along as we pull the curtains on...

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  • You Can Always Sit With Us

    Posted on April 27 2016

    Since the beginning of time, listening and storytelling has been a way of sharing our most private thoughts and sacred sensibilities. Campfires may have transformed into social networks and immediate...

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  • Love Note #22: Know Thyself

    Posted on April 20 2016

    To be or not to be... That is the question.  As Shakespeare once wrote, and as I've often asked myself. But how does one know... When to be or not...

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  • Coachella Dreamin...

    Posted on April 07 2016

    Festival season is upon us, which means there's no better time to forget your troubles and fall fearlessly down the rabbit hole aka Coachella. So, grab your girls and maybe that...

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  • Model sets Insta-Haters straight!

    Posted on September 30 2015

    "It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit...

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  • Model Milestone

    Posted on September 27 2015

    Since 2002 Gisele Bundchen has ranked #1 on Forbes list as "The World's Highest-Paid Model" earning $44 million from June 2014 - June 2015, with a record breaking career and...

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  • The Art of Vulnerability

    Posted on September 20 2015

    "We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering...

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  • Comedy Under Fire?

    Posted on September 10 2015

    Nicole Arbour, a self proclaimed comedian set the internet on rapid fire over the weekend via a vulgar pyrotechnic like display of crass speech and chaotic spectacle, unleashing a wrath...

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  • B & V

    Posted on August 26 2015

    Queen B continues her regal reign of cultivated beauty and glorified glamour as she graces the cover of Vogue's most prestigious September issue. However, in doing so, she has unwittingly...

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  • 2.10.98

    Posted on August 23 2015

    Throwback to a poem I wrote at 21 when I took a year off of college, moved to Honolulu, Hawaii with my boyfriend at the time and a group of...

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  • Stella McCartney: From Rock Royalty to Fashion Sustainability

    Posted on August 20 2015

    Stella McCartney may have been born to rock royalty, but her ability to orchestrate a worldwide fashion brand, built on the notes of sustainability, has charted the design maestro a...

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  • Girl Code! #KodeWithKarlie

    Posted on August 16 2015

    Karlie Kloss may be a Supermodel with 'Super Stardom' and 'Super Friends,' but in 2014 Kloss upped the superlative anti by attending an Intro to Software Engineering program (aka learning...

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  • Taya Rogers- Modern Day Cinderella

    Posted on August 12 2015

    She's beautiful & talented, yes, but that barely scratches the surface of why Taya (that's TAY-AH, btw) Rogers is my 'Woman Crush Wednesday.' Her social media reads like a spiritual...

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  • Digital Fortress

    Posted on August 10 2015

    Technology, Cryptology, Apology. Transmit fail, Language veil, You've got mail. Algorithm reflex, Processed syntax, Facetious semantics. Password paroles, Loading consoles, Parental controls. Memory modes, Covert codes, Data odes.

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  • If Not Now, When?

    Posted on August 09 2015

    We now live in a culture where people are saying, "I'd rather have a passport full of stamps, than a house full of stuff." Operative word being, NOW! No longer are...

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  • Rock Your Weird!

    Posted on August 07 2015

    Whether it's your off the rack-et fashion sense, off the charts music preference, or off the grid lifestyle- ALWAYS, Rock Your Weird! Sure, you may be tempted to line up,...

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  • Poetic Adjustments

    Posted on August 05 2015

    Just finished "The Marriage Plot," a novel by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Jeffrey Eugenides whom I'm now officially obsessed with. Brilliantly written and cleverly inspired by the romantic era of...

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  • Holy Lollapalooza Batman!

    Posted on August 02 2015

      Grant Park, Chicago Lollapalooza aka Lolla was inspired as a farewell tour by Jane's Addiction front man Perry Farrell in the summer of '91, but has since manifested into...

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  • AI Forever!

    Posted on July 31 2015

    Professional Surfer, Husband, and Father- Andy Irons would have been 37 years young this week. His death was a tragic loss to his family, the surfing community at large, and...

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  • #WCW

    Posted on July 29 2015

    My "Woman Crush Wednesday" goes out to the dynamic and fiercely driven Jessica Alba. Not only is she wife to Cash Warren, mother to daughters Honor & Haven, a successful...

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  • Final Rose

    Posted on July 28 2015

    Last night Kaitlyn Bristowe gave her final rose to Shawn Booth in the season finale of "The Bachelorette." Whoop, whoop!! Somehow, I've always had an eerie yet keen ability to...

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  • Flyest of the Fly Girls

    Posted on July 26 2015

              Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 46th birthday in true diva fashion last night as she danced the night away with friends, family, and fans at 1OAK...

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  • What sets Your soul on fire?

    Posted on July 24 2015

    I absolutely love this saying by the way, but I think the real question here is... What sets Your soul on fire? And how would one embark on discovering such...

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  • Jumpsuits On Fleek!

    Posted on July 22 2015

    I'm officially head over heels in love with jumpsuits. Granted my obsession began when I added my very first one to a much needed revamped wardrobe last summer, but it's been...

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  • Good Love Luck

    Posted on July 20 2015

    It's safe to say there's no 'Bad Blood' between the Princess of Pop Taylor Swift and the One & Only Lady Gaga. Actually, it's quite the opposite as Taylor gave...

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  • Countdown To Burning Man!

    Posted on July 18 2015

    Today officially marks the 50 day countdown to an annual event of epic proportions, in which tens of thousands of people from all across the globe will congregate in Nevada's...

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  • Serendipitous Selfie... A Modern Day Rags To Riches!

    Posted on July 14 2015

                   Just four days ago I wrote a blog called, "Fashion's It Girls... A New Era of Supermodels, Superfamilies, Superfriends, and Superstardom!" regarding three...

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  • Fringe-With-Benefits

    Posted on July 13 2015

              Fringe free-for-all has unleashed its fury on the fashion scene reaching a feverish pitch. From runways to music festivals to your favorite beaches... Fringe frenzy...

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  • Fashion's It Girls... A New Era of Supermodels, Superfamilies, Superfriends, and Superstardom!

    Posted on July 09 2015

    Each decade in the world of runways, magazines, and multi million dollar campaign ads, 'Supermodel' stardom has produced a short list of drop-dead gorgeous women who rose from complete anonymity to...

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